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Infinity Investigations LLC is a full service investigative firm providing a wide range of services to our clients. If you do not see a desired investigation below, please contact our office.

Following someone and getting the required evidence on video requires skill and planning in order to secure results. Each surveillance is tailored to meet the client's specific needs. Our investigators are equipped with the latest state of the art video equipment to document the activities of the subject. We are in compliance with all laws and ethical standards in the course of conducting surveillance. 
General Liability
​Our goal is to secure all available evidence allowing the client to determine liability. Our investigators will conduct detailed interviews, secure statements, scene photographs, documents, accident reports, conduct canvasses, identify witnesses, etc. We will explore every possible avenue to determine the details of the loss. We take pride in identifying fraud during the course of our investigation.
Trial Preparation
Law firms and insurance carriers hire Infinity Investigations to prepare cases for trial. Our firm has vast experience in the entire litigation process. Our understanding of all aspects of trial preparation and admissibility of evidence has made us a valuable asset when preparing for a trial on behalf of insurance companies and clients. 
Workers Compensation
Fraudulent claims have become a widespread problem for the insurance industry. While the vast majority of workers compensation claims are legitimate, others are not. We work with the client to expose fraudulent employee claims. We conduct interviews with the claimant and the insured, secure all relative documents, conduct surveillance, identify prior claims, process forms, etc. Our investigators are well trained at identifying fraud.
Activity Checks
An activity check / alive and well check provides valuable information before considering surveillance or other forms of investigation. We will discreetly secure information on the subject through our extensive databases. Through investigative means we will develop information in the subject's neighborhood. Our goal is to determine the subject's daily activities, employment status and actual physical status.
Construction Accidents
Immediate investigation and preservation of evidence is a critical element in conducting investigations that involve construction accidents. Examination of the scene while the evidence is fresh is extremely important. Our efforts will include immediate interviews of on-site workers and witnesses, securing scene photographs, documents such as contracts and permits, as well as contacting investigating agencies, etc.
Life & Health
Life insurance fraud covers a range of activities from providing false information to gain benefits, to falsifying a death that results in an insurance payout. With accidental death claims we will determine the facts surrounding the death to determine indemnity. With contestable death claims we will determine insurance eligibility of the deceased at the date of coverage through interviews and medical records research.
Securing proof in a divorce investigation or matrimonial investigation is vital. The information we develop allows the client to affect a more positive divorce settlement. We provide clients and attorneys with details concerning their cheating spouse or partner with documentation which includes video and photographs. We use state of the art surveillance equipment and concealed surveillance devices.
Asset Checks
We have access to extensive databases and resources to conduct thorough asset checks on an individual or a company. Our checks are tailored to develop the information the client is seeking, identify collectible assets of an individual or a company, corporate filings, determine how secure someone's assets are, secure real estate information and deeds, available mortgage information, vehicle and watercraft registrations and liens, judgments, bankruptcies, criminal records, federal and state tax liens, etc.  Our detailed report will uncover collectible assets of an individual or a company.
Scene Investigations

Our experienced investigators will inspect and document the scene of the accident. We use state of the art equipment to provide you with all details of the accident scene. Depending on what is relevant to your case, we will secure photographs, video, conduct traffic light time sequences, inspect the scene for defects and contributing factors, canvass the scene for witnesses, determine if there was surveillance video of the scene and secure same.

5 Year Earnings Checks

Do you need to determine how much money a subject has earned over the past five years? As long as the subject has worked "on the books," we can determine where the subject has worked and how much money was earned. This information can be very valuable in child custody cases and in cases involving reimbursement of lost wages.

Process Serving
Infinity Investigations is licensed by the State of New York as process servers. Process servers must now carry and operate an electronic device that records a global positioning system location while process serving. Infinity Investigations is fully equipped to comply with this law. Our investigators are trained to effectuate service without having to perform a "nail and mail."
Our goal in conducting an automotive investigation is to determine liability. In doing so, our experienced staff will secure statements, conduct interviews, inspect the accident scene, secure photographs, construct accident scene diagrams, locate and interview witnesses, secure police and accident reports, interview responding police officers, inspect the vehicles involved, etc.
Social Media Checks

​While it is a time consuming process, social media checks are a useful tool in securing information on a subject. Currently, most people have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts. We scour the Internet seeking information on the subject, as well as followers or friends. In some cases we can develop daily updates posted by the subject. We have uncovered posts which completely contradict the subject's claim.

Pre-Employment Screening
Let us check to make sure you know who you are hiring. Our pre-employment checks provide crucial information necessary in the hiring process. We will provide the client with a complete profile on an individual which includes a criminal check, financial check, marriage / divorce records (when available), lawsuits, liens and judgments, bankruptcies, property records, DMV records, an address search and more.
Skip Tracing / Locate

We specialize in locating subjects, even those subjects that hide "under the radar" and those that "do not want to be found." We have access to extensive database sources which provide us with valuable information unavailable to the public. With the uncovered information, our team will "hit the streets" and we will not stop until we have located the subject. We will canvass every address developed for the subject, canvass entire neighborhoods, interview neighbors, interview family members, contact employers, etc. We leave no stone unturned. 

Nanny / Babysitter Checks

As a loving and caring parent, you have the right to be concerned about the well-being of your children. Currently most families have at least one working parent and retain the services of a nanny or babysitter. It is important to determine who you are allowing to care for your child, determining if this individual has a criminal background, is a sex offender, etc. Our background checks will let you know who you are really hiring and give you peace of mind. The information will include a background check, criminal records, a sex offender check, prior work experience, etc.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when a physician or hospital deviates from the accepted medical procedure in treating a patient, resulting in injury or death. To determine if malpractice is involved, we will conduct an extensive background search on the physician or hospital involved, check licenses, secure and examine medical records, consult with medical experts, secure statements, interview witnesses, etc.

Background Checks

Our extensive database sources allow us to conduct thorough background checks which will provide confidential and valuable information on a subject. We will provide the client with a complete profile on an individual which includes a criminal check, financial check, marriage/divorce records, lawsuits, liens, bankruptcies, property records, DMV records, an address search, and more. 

10 Year Medical Checks

It is imperative to determine a claimant's pre-existing injuries. We have sources that will identify all hospitals, doctors, and medical facilities that a subject has been to in the past 10 years. This information is very valuable in conducting a claimant investigation. Once these facilities are identified, the medical records can then be subpoenaed.

Database Services

We have access to extensive databases and other resources which provide valuable information such as DMV records, phone records, criminal records, financial records, liens and judgments, property records, bankruptcy information, marriage and divorce records (when available), employment records, prior accidents, etc. Please inquire about our many database services. 

Other Services
We offer many other services to our clients. If you do not see a desired investigation listed above, please contact our office.


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